“Loving Your Neighbor”

The call to follow Jesus is a call to give up our rights and love our neighbor as ourselves. This pandemic is a great opportunity for us to demonstrate this love.

“My True Self”

In silence we hear the noisiness of our soul, which helps us understand and acknowledge the depth of our sin struggle.  

“Deeper Longings”

This coronavirus crisis is a rare opportunity for us enter into silence and solitude, reflecting on the changes we need to make in our “normal lives” if we want to experience the deeper life in Christ.

“Reflections Under House Arrest” -Philippians 1:12-30

We lose faith in God when life does not unfold in line with our plans. But nothing can stop God’s greater purpose for this world, and we have a choice to either rise up and partner with God in the work He is doing or just sit idly by and live for ourselves.