“You Are the Man!” -2 Samuel 11-12

It is in his love and mercy for us that God exposes the sins that we try to hide from ourselves and others. This is to lead us to confession of our sin and bring us to a place of God’s forgiveness and wholeness.

“Covenant Love” – 2 Samuel 9

The story of David is the story of a person growing more and more alive to God and his love for Mephibosheth demonstrates a heart that is growing in its pursuit of God.

“Defined by Love”

Love is central to our identity as Jesus’ disciples—it is the defining quality a Christian, but we must first receive God’s love for us, before we can truly love others. 

“Perfect Love” – various texts

The brokenness of this world makes us doubt wether love can be a solid enough foundation on which to rest our deepest hopes. But God’s perfect, unfailing loves perfects our own love so that we are no longer driven by our fears and is the greatest love we could have ever hoped for.

“The Empathy of Christ” – Hebrews 4:14-16

We are reluctant to approach a holy God because of our struggle with sin, pain and sorrow. But the love of God expressed through the empathy of Christ invites us to come to Him with confidence – knowing that He understands us and receives us with open arms.

“The Faithful Son” – various texts

It’s not until we realize how utterly impossible it is to meet God’s demands through our own strength that we begin to truly understand why we need God’s grace in order to be saved. As our Champion, Jesus not only paid the penalty for our sins, but also lived the perfectly righteous life that we couldn’t live and credited it to …