IGNITE is ICC’s youth ministry for students who are in sixth grade through high school. The vision of IGNITE is to help students take ownership of their faith, preparing them to take their first steps into adulthood. Through IGNITE we want to guide our youth to a meaningful relationship with Jesus, which can center them in the midst of the many challenges of teenage life.

After joining with the adults in opening worship, the youth are dismissed for the IGNITE where Pastor Eujin teaches interactively through the Word of God. The youth are also given an opportunity to share more personally through small group discussions. Throughout the year IGNITE also holds special events such as lock-ins, retreats, hangouts, and outreaches (Save My Starving Children, Pacific Garden Mission, etc.). These activities not only help the youth to live out their faith in action, whether it is helping those in need or seeking God through extended times of worship.

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