“His Mercy is Great” -2 Samuel 24

David is not given to us as a moral example. Instead, he models for us a heart of honest confession and heartfelt repentance because he knows that the God he worships is great in mercy.

“Shepherd of my Soul” – Psalm 23

Difficult seasons in life often cause us to doubt that God is for us; but when we remember His faithfulness and hold fast to His promise, we discover the peace of His protection no matter what may come our way.

“A Heart of Wisdom” – 2 Samuel 17

The struggle to find wisdom is not a matter of the head but the heart. To live wisely is to entrust our lives to God, believing the promises he has given to us through Christ. 

“Back to the Wilderness” -2 Samuel 15-16

What set David apart from everyone else was not his ability to live a moral life but his ability to humble himself and hear God’s voice through flawed messengers even in the difficult circumstances brought about by his own sin. ​Click to listen to our latest sermon.