“Redeeming Broken Love” – Matthew 28:20-28

Though parents love their children this love can often run contrary to God’s agenda for them. But when we recognize how we have been formed by a broken love, we can begin to understand how our love for our own children needs to be redeemed.

“Our Only Hope” – John 20:24-31

God has expressed His love to us through His Son and has called us to put our hope in Him. The following message was given by pastoral intern Alan Kim.

“The Anchor of Hope”

The soul cannot survive without hope and God’s desire is that we anchor our ultimate hope in Him, who will one day make all things new.

“Steadfast and Immovable”

Are you investing your life in things that will last? Your work for the kingdom and your maturity in Christ on this earth will not be in vain but will echo for eternity.

“Thy Kingdom Come”

The ultimate hope of the believer is to experience resurrection. Once we receive our new resurrection bodies, we are going to live in those bodies with God for eternity in a new physical earth. Until then, God invites us to experience a foretaste of his nearness and power in our present lives.

“A Heart Fit for Heaven”

Our view of the afterlife will have a profound impact on how we live our lives in the present, but the choices we make in this life will have an impact for all of eternity.

“Bless the Lord, O my Soul!” – Psalm 103

We often struggle to feel like worshiping God, but through the heart of David, God shows us the pathway into His own heart, by calling us to engage all of who we are, in light of all of He has done for us, and all He is to us.

“How Long, O Lord?” – Psalm 13

We experience anger and frustration with God when we feel He has abandoned us in our pain and sorrow, but God restores in us a sense of His love and presence when we are honest about how we feel with Him and acknowledge our need for Him.  

“God of the Broken” – Psalm 139

We struggle with being emotionally honest with God, because we do not want to admit how broken we really are. But David invites us into the honesty that God desires by revealing to us that He can be trusted with all of our brokenness.