“Heaven’s Declaration” – Psalm 19

How do you engage with a God who is both invisible and inaudible? In Psalm 19, we see that David’s constant communion with creation, gave him remarkable insight not just into nature –but into the nature of God who is constantly revealing Himself to us, speaking to us and pursuing us.

“Bless the Lord, O my Soul!” – Psalm 103

We often struggle to feel like worshiping God, but through the heart of David, God shows us the pathway into His own heart, by calling us to engage all of who we are, in light of all of He has done for us, and all He is to us.

“How Long, O Lord?” – Psalm 13

We experience anger and frustration with God when we feel He has abandoned us in our pain and sorrow, but God restores in us a sense of His love and presence when we are honest about how we feel with Him and acknowledge our need for Him.  

“God of the Broken” – Psalm 139

We struggle with being emotionally honest with God, because we do not want to admit how broken we really are. But David invites us into the honesty that God desires by revealing to us that He can be trusted with all of our brokenness.    

“The Empathy of Christ” – Hebrews 4:14-16

We are reluctant to approach a holy God because of our struggle with sin, pain and sorrow. But the love of God expressed through the empathy of Christ invites us to come to Him with confidence – knowing that He understands us and receives us with open arms.

“The Power of Hope” – Isaiah 40:28-31

We struggle to find strength in this life, when we place our hope in ourselves. But God patiently reminds us of his wisdom, power and love so that we might place our hope in Him alone and in doing so discover His strength. The following message was given by Pastor Peter Cho and comes from Isaiah 40:28-31.

“First World Problems” – Jonah 4

Our selfish concern for our own needs keeps us from seeing God’s love and concern for a lost world. But God loves us too much to allow us to be consumed only with ourselves and His desire is to awaken us to His mission to seek and save the lost. This message is the last from our series in Jonah …

“Astonished by His Mercy” – Jonah 3

We place limits on whom we believe God will save, but God will often astonish us with the power of His redeeming love and challenge us to love as He does. The following message is the third from our series on Jonah and was given by Pastor Peter Cho and comes from Jonah chapter 3.  

“Falling on His Grace” – Jonah 2

God will often bring us to the end of ourselves so that we might find new life in Him. The following message was given by Pastor Peter Cho and is the second in our series in Jonah and comes from Jonah 2.

“Running in my Righteousness” – Jonah 1

We run from God when we feel he is unjust towards us. But in our righteous indignation, we reveal the true nature of our own hearts, and in his pursuit, He reveals the true nature of His. The following message is the first in our series on Jonah and was given by Pastor Peter Cho and comes from Jonah 1.