“Time” – Various Texts

​Living for “the essentials” means understanding God’s priorities for us in each season of our life and God’s wisdom is needed in discerning good things from the best things. The following message is the second in a three part series given by Pastor Steve Lee entitled “Time”.

“Possessions” – Various Texts

Living for “the essentials” means doing with less so that we can live more fully for what matters most in God’s eyes. Jesus calls us to guard our heart against the love of money and possessions so that we might discover that he is our greatest treasure in this life. The following message is the first in a three part …

“The Joy of Evangelism” – Philemon 6

There is a certain level of intimacy with God that eludes us if we do not join with Him in His ministry to woo people back into relationship with Him through Christ. The following message was given by a guest speaker, Dr. Jerry Root of Wheaton College, and comes from Philemon verse 6.