“Reaching for an Invisible God” – Various Texts

Worshipping an invisible God means trusting in his presence, even when it seems he’s not there. Jesus shows us how to live this life of quiet submission and trust. This is the first message preached by Pastor Steve Lee of our Advent series and draws from various texts.

“Entrusted by the Master” – Matthew 25:14-31

As entrusted servants to God’s resources, He daily calls us to surrender to Him and His purpose for our lives. We often struggle at the heart level between what is God’s and what is mine. The wise and faithful servant understands that we are stewards of His resources and surrenders to His purpose. The following message was given by Pastor Eujin Ahn and comes from Matthew 25:14-31 and is entitled “Entrusted by the Master”.


“Seek the Shalom of the City” – Jeremiah 29

God exiled the people of Israel to hated Babylon not just in judgment of the nation but to be a light to other nations. In that same way, sometimes God will redirect our circumstances to be a light of his love to a lost and broken world. The following message entitled “Seek the Shalom of the City” is the ninth from our series in “Jeremiah”. It was given by Pastor Steve Lee and comes from Jeremiah 29.

“Hope in Action” – Jeremiah 32

Regardless of our current circumstances, we can have hope for our future because even in the midst of God’s discipline we know that His ultimate plans are for our good. The following message entitled “Hope in Action” is the eighth from our series in “Jeremiah”. It was given by Pastor Steve Lee and comes from Jeremiah 32.

“God’s Plan for Us” – Jeremiah 29

God disciplines us not as a punishment for the wrong we’ve done, but out of his deep love for us and his desire to grow our faith and devotion to him. The following message entitled “God’s Plan for Us” is the seventh from our series in “Jeremiah”. It was given by Pastor Steve Lee and comes from Jeremiah 29.

“The Severe Love of God” – Jeremiah 20

The peace God offers us is not a cheap peace of avoiding the real issues of life. Real peace is comes only after we face the honest truth about our brokenness and need for God’s healing. The following message entitled “The Severe Love of God” is the sixth from our series “Jeremiah”. It was given by Pastor Steve Lee and comes from Jeremiah 20.

“The Potter’s House” – Jeremiah 18

God sends Jeremiah on a trip to the potter’s house, where he learns a lesson about how God patiently works with our moments in disobedience and rebellion in order to still accomplish his will in our lives. The following message entitled “The Potter’s House” is the fifth from our series “Jeremiah”. It was given by Pastor Steve Lee and comes from Jeremiah 18.

“The Eternality of Joy: Heaven” – Revelation 21:1-5

We struggle to look forward to and live for eternity because our distorted view of heaven is not all that compelling to us. However, God’s promise is that ultimate joy awaits us in heaven and for eternity, when we will see the Lord face to face. This is the final message of the series on Joy and was given by Pastor Peter Cho.

“The Entryway of Joy: Trials” – James 1:2-4


We struggle to find joy in our trials because it is painful and we do not understand God’s purpose in it. But God allows trials to come into our lives because through them he refines his image in us, and reveals his love to us, and when we embrace this purpose we can persevere by faith. This message comes from the sermon series “Joy in the Journey” and was given by Pastor Peter Cho.

“The Enemies of Joy: Depression” – 2 Corinthians 1:3-11


When we are unable to share our sadness and grief it can lead us to “despair of life itself”. But when we see God’s purpose for our pain and bring our afflictions into community we can discover God’s comfort through God’s people. This is the fifth message of this sermon series and was given by Pastor Peter Cho and comes from 2 Corinthians 1:3-11.